Ruby – July’s Birthstone

Jb Star ruby and diamond rings

For thousands of years before Judy Garland clicked her ruby slipper heels together in The Wizard of Oz, rubies have captivated us.  As the birthstone for the month of July, rubies are known for their deep, rich red color and are considered to be second to the diamond as one of the most prized gemstones throughout history.

The origin of birthstones is believed to date back thousands of years to the time of Moses.  It is believed that the Breast Plate of the High Priest was made with twelve colored gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, and a corresponding gemstone was attributed to each color.  Over time, people began wearing one gemstone each month, then transitioned to wearing their own birthstone all yearlong.  Each birthstone is said to represent magical powers, ward off evil, or help cure illness.

The word ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning red.  The ruby’s red color symbolizes love and passion. It was believed that the ruby’s red glow comes from an internal flame that cannot be extinguished, making the gift of a ruby symbolic of everlasting love.

When considering buying a ruby, you will want to look for a stone with the best color.  Almost all quality rubies have inclusions, although they will not be visible to the naked eye.  Look for a clear stone with few inclusions and beautiful color.

Read on for our favorite designs featuring rubies.  Leave us a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!

Lauren K 18K Yellow Gold 19″ Layla Necklace, Featuring a 13X12MM 4.99 Carat Oval Ruby, Accented with Round Diamonds

Lauren K 18K Yellow Gold 19" Layla Necklace, Featuring a 13X12MM 4.99ct Oval Ruby, Accented with 34 Round Diamonds =.30ctw

Bez Ambar 18K White Gold Blaze Diamond and Ruby Band, Featuring Six Blaze Diamonds and Nine Square Rubies

Bez Ambar Ruby and Diamond Band

Spark 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Double Halo Stud Earrings, Featuring Two Round Rubies and Round Diamonds

Spark 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Double Halo Stud Earrings, Featuring 2 Round Rubies =.52cts Total Weight and 70 Round Diamonds =.39cts Total Weight

Roberto Coin 18K White Gold Princess Flower Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

Roberto Coin

JB Star Platinum Ring, Featuring a 2.07 Carat Round Ruby, Accented with Round Diamonds

JB Star Platinum Ring, Featuring a 2.07ct Round Ruby, Accented with 118 Round Diamonds =1.50cts Total Weight

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