Find a dazzling selection of designer jewelry, Swiss timepieces and gifts. Relax with a coffee while your little ones play in the children’s area. The merchandise will astound you.

The atmosphere will enfold you.

Our History

It all started in 1890, when our great-grandparents, Samuel and Ida Schreibman, established a jewelry manufacturing company in the small village of Kubrin, Poland. Ida would often travel throughout Poland in a horse-drawn carriage selling rings, gold necklaces and ruby brooches from a leather satchel while Sam held down the fort by managing the business end – making jewelry and repairing watches.

They soon started a family, all the while cultivating and nurturing their business. As their children began to grow, Sam realized his family would have better opportunities in America. In 1918, Sam said goodbye to his wife and two daughters and traveled to Cleveland, Ohio with his two sons, Alvin and Wilfred, and established a jewelry store on East 37th Street and Woodland Avenue. The boys helped their father financially by selling balloons and newspapers on the street corner, and six years later, Sam had finally saved enough money to send for the other half of his immediate family.

In 1931, at the height of the Depression, 26-year-old Alvin, our grandfather, was working as a watchmaker and salesman in a downtown jewelry store and quickly worked his way up to a store manager. With his immense entrepreneurial spirit brewing inside, he took a risk and opened his first jewelry store, Alvin’s Jewelers on East 55th and Broadway. Three years later he married Edith, and within the next five years the couple had three children: Larry, Marcia and our father, Richard. Alvin and Edith were a deliberate, thoughtful couple: all three were born in January, so as not to disturb the Christmas holiday season! The kids would often help out in the store during the holidays and summers, selling jewelry, wrapping gifts, sweeping the floor and making sure the showcases were spotless.

In 1964, Alvin and his sons and daughter opened a free-standing jewelry store at 26th and St. Clair Avenue. By now, Larry, Richard and Marcia were working in the business; they decided to combine Alvin’s name and the word “son,” creating a new name for their store, “Alson.”

In 2002, after being at the location on St. Clair Avenue for nearly 40 years, we (Chad and David) decided it was time to follow our own dream and bring Alson Jewelers to the east side of Cleveland. We opened at our current location on Chagrin Boulevard in June of 2002 and have been here ever since.

Now, we have been at our current location on Chagrin Boulevard since 2002. Much has changed over the past 90 years, but the entity that remains is our commitment to our customers and to our community. We are proud to say that our family business has been in Cleveland since 1931, and we love our hometown!

Why Alson?

Alson Jewelers is not just a retail store. We are part of the community. We have many long-time customers that we know by name when they walk in the door. The team members here really care about the guests and helping them to fulfill their needs. When customers walk out with a bag in their hand and thank us, we turnaround and thank them instead. We appreciate our customers and the fact that they’re giving back to the local community by shopping with us. Our employees are well-educated and well-trained, and are committed to helping you make the right jewelry choice.

Another thing that makes us different is that we are a full-service jeweler. We have two master watchmakers and a master jeweler onsite. We do almost all repairs at the store so we don’t have to send pieces back to their manufacturers.

Alson Jewelers carries everything from classic diamond jewelry to iconic designer pieces and even handcrafted specialty items. We have all of the fashion forward brands under one roof and no other jeweler in Cleveland can say that.


At Alson, jewelry is our passion. That passion is most evident when you visit our award-winning showroom: from knowledgeable personal service to an outstanding selection of diamonds in all shapes and sizes, designer jewelry, exquisite gifts and Swiss timepieces, when the occasion calls for that special gift—it can only be found at Alson.