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You’re engaged and it’s time to look for wedding bands.  Your fiancé has never worn a ring before and has no idea what type of wedding band he wants or if he’ll be comfortable wearing a ring.  Have no fears!  We’ll help you find the perfect ring for your guy.

First, does he plan on wearing a ring?  Talk it over. We suggest you look for rings together and try them on to get an idea of what styles he likes as well as comfort.  There are many choices for men in styles and metals ranging from classic to modern and from sporty to elegant. 

When choosing a band there are a few things to consider.  What is his lifestyle and personality?  Will he be wearing the band everyday or just on the weekends or special occasions?  Does he have an office job or is he someone who works with his hands as a tradesmen or mechanic? Does he dress conservatively or is he more fashion forward?  Does he want to make a statement or is comfort his priority?  These questions are important when choosing the type of metal for his band.  Following is a list of metals and their characteristics:

Gold – When looking at gold wedding bands, you will want to make sure you get a band in 14K or 18K.  This will provide the best color and hold up the best over time versus a gold in 10K.  Gold comes in three colors: yellow, white and rose.  A gold wedding band like this one from the Alson Signature Collection is a classic look and is perfect for the guy that is more conservative.

Alson Signature Collection yellow gold band | Alson Jewelers


White Gold – White gold is a great choice if you love the look of platinum but want a ring that doesn’t come with the platinum price tag. Consider this 14K White Gold Mens Comfort Fit Band with Satin Finish by ArtCarved.

ArtCarved 14K White Gold Band | Alson Jewelers


Rose Gold –  Rose gold is a hot new trend in bridal and we’re seeing it used in designs for women and men.  The warm, subtle rose hue enhances the ring and makes it stand apart from the traditional yellow gold or silver toned band.  If you favor rose gold, this ArtCarved White and Rose Gold Mens Band is the perfect choice.

ArtCarved White and Rose Gold Mens Band | Alson Jewelers

Platinum – Platinum is a white metal that is long wearing and will not scratch as easily as gold.  Platinum is more expensive than gold and is also a heavier metal.  It is strong and durable with good resistance to scratching, corrosion and chemicals.  It makes a great choice for the guy who wants something simple, elegant and it will never go out of style. We suggest this platinum band from the Alson Signature Collection.

Alson Signature Collection Platinum Band | Alson Jewelers


Titanium – Titanium is a new metal that is being used for men’s wedding bands.  It is the hardest natural metal yet very light weight and very comfortable.  It is three times the strength of steel and is also hypoallergenic.  Titanium is a great choice for the guy who would like something that is very light weight.  We suggest this titanium and diamond ring by Bez Ambar.

Bez Ambar Titanium Diamond Band | Alson Jewelers


Tungsten – Tungsten carbide rings are very durable and retain many of the characteristics of pure tungsten metal – including a high melting point and high tensile strength. The rings are extremely resistant to scratching, and have a light gray color which can be darkened with brush finishing processes.  We love this tungsten band by ArtCarved.

ArtCarved Tungsten Mens Band | Alson Jewelers


Sterling Silver – Sterling Silver is a softer metal than gold and requires more care than the other metals due to oxidation that can occur over time.  Oxidation is easy to care for with the use of a polishing cloth or bringing it in to a jeweler for cleaning.   This type of metal comes in great styles and is perfect for the guy who is looking for something more casual and sporty for his band. We love this Classic Chain Band by John Hardy

John Hardy Men | Alson Jewelers's Classic Chain 6.7MM Band, Fashioned in Sterling Silver with Black Oxidation

Diamonds – Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend,  guys like them too!  If your guy likes a little bling, he’ll love this 18K White Gold and Diamond band by Bez Ambar.

Bez Ambar Diamond Band | Alson Jewelers

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~Bands shown at top of page are by Precision Set.

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