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JB Star Diamond Wedding Bands Available at Alson Jewlelers | Alson Jewelers

Have you ever wondered why we wear wedding bands on the fourth finger of the left hand? This tradition originated thousands of years ago when it was believed that the fourth finger contained a vein that lead directly to the heart. The origin of wedding bands dates back about 4,800 years to ancient Egypt. Sedges, rushes and reeds were twisted and braided into rings and worn as a symbol of marriage. Well, we’ve come along way since braiding reeds into bands. We now adorn our fingers with beautiful gemstones set in platinum or gold. Lets take a look at the latest styles in wedding bands and you’ll be saying, “I do!” to these exquisite rings.

Are you looking for something traditional?  A beautiful diamond eternity ring by JB Star will never go out of style.

JB Star Diamond Eternity Bands | Alson Jewelers

If you love the look of stacked bands, these diamond bands in white, yellow and rose gold by Precision Set will be the perfect fit.

Precision Set Wedding Bands | Alson Jewelers


Looking for your “something blue”?  We suggest a beautiful sapphire band like this one from our Alson Signature Collection.

Alson Signature Collection Sapphire Wedding Band | Alson Jewelers

Is pink your favorite color?  You’ll be pretty in pink with these Double Row Pink Sapphire Bookend Bands by Bez Ambar.

Baz Ambar Double Row Pink Sapphire Bookend Bands | Alson Jewelers


Do you favor something simple and traditional to pair with your engagement ring?  This ArtCarved diamond band is perfect for stacking with your engagement ring or can be worn alone.

ArtCarved Wedding Band | Alson Jewelers

If you love a ring with a vintage look, we suggest this beautiful diamond ring by Penny Preville.

Penny Preville Leaf Band | Alson Jewelers

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~Rings pictured at top of page are by JB Star




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