Colleen & Adam

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How They Met:

Adam and I actually met on a dating site ! I had a 5 year old and he recently moved to Cleveland for a new job.

The Proposal Story:

Adam asked me to take a walk on the viaduct bridge where he use to live . We had a lot of memories on the bridge . He said the sweetest things and got down on his knee. Of course I said yes ! The best part is , he told me that he asked my son (now 7) if it was ok that he marry his mom . Adam showed Kamden the engagement ring and my son kept it their little secret . Kamden was the only one to see the engagement ring ! I then cried like a baby after I heard that. Now they have a special bond over the ring secret.

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The Ring:

The diamonds swirl around the main stone. It has a vintage feel to it and the center stone is absolutely stunning.