Sterling Silver Necklaces

Stunning sterling silver necklaces pair well with any style and create a polished, classic look that will carry you seamlessly from morning through evening. Make a statement with a unique silver necklace or choose a delicate, understated silver charm necklace. Select from our Alson Signature Collection or cherished designers such as David Yurman and John Hardy.

To peruse our full collection of sterling silver necklaces, schedule a private, in-store viewing at Alson Jewelers in Cleveland, Ohio or simply stop in today.

  • John Hardy Silver 40" Classic Chain Hammered Spear Pendant Necklace

    $595 | View Info

  • John Hardy Silver 16-18" Asli Classic Chain Necklace

    $595 | View Info

  • Monica Rich Kosann Silver Round Locket Necklace

    $645 | View Info