What Is Your Jewelry Personality?

Penny Preville | Alson Jewelers

What is your personal style?  Do you love a classic look, or are you more daring in your style choices?  Jewelry is the perfect way to express your style and personality.  A pair of statement earrings can easily change the look of your outfit and convey your unique aesthetic.  Whether you favor jewelry that is big and bold or simple and delicate, we have the designs that you’ll love to wear.  Read on and discover the jewelry that compliments your style.

The Minimalist

You like to keep things clean and crisp.  Simple lines and classic designs are your thing.  You’ll love these 18K rose gold Obelisco diamond dangle earrings by Roberto Coin.

Roberto Coin 18K Rose Gold Obelisco .25ctw Diamond Dangle Earrings | Alson Jewelers

The Modern Woman

You like to keep ahead of the curve with your style; you’re drawn to modern, sophisticated pieces that make a powerful statement. This ceramic bracelet by Roberto Demglio is the perfect fit for your cool style.

Roberto Demeglio Black Ceramic and Diamond Bracelet | Alson Jewelers


The Romantic

You like delicate pieces with whimsical detail.  Feminine designs and colors make you happy.  Ever the romantic, you like jewelry that evokes an emotion. Look no further than this multi-colored sapphire necklace by Penny Preville.

Penny Preville Multi-colored sapphire Bar Necklace | Alson Jewelers

Bohemian Chic

You favor a more laid back approach to dressing and are drawn to pieces that are easy to wear with a slight edge.  You look for accessories that express your cool style like these 18K yellow gold and sterling silver earrings by John Hardy.

John Hardy Earrings | Alson Jewelers

The Classic

You gravitate toward timeless, understated and elegant pieces.  You would rather invest in quality items that you can wear for a lifetime than purchase something that is the latest trend.  For you, a stunning pearl necklace by Mikimoto is the investment piece you need in your jewelry wardrobe.

Mikimoto | Alson Jewelers
The Cool Eclectic 
You aren’t afraid to mix various styles together.  You make bold fashion statements with colors and shapes.  Show off your cool style with this Tanzanite and boulder opal flower necklace by Lauren K.
Lauren K  | Alson Jewelers
The Trend Setter
You follow the most popular influencers on Instagram and you devour the fashion magazines for the latest trends.  You’re the first one out of your friends to wear the newest trend in clothes, shoes and handbags. Set the trend with this 18K white gold and diamond ear cuff by Marli.
Marli New York | Alson Jewelers


You like bold fashion and gravitate toward bright colors, funky patterns and statement-making jewelry.  Elevate your bold style with these lapis earrings by Ippolita.

Ippolita | Alson Jewelers

Flash and Splash
You like to make an entrance when you walk into the room.  Sparkle and more sparkle is your signature. Make a splash with this stunning diamond bracelet from our Alson Signature Collection.
Alson Signature Collection | Alson Jewelers
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~Photo featured at top of page courtesy of Penny Preville






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