Things We Love About February


It’s the middle of winter but there are so many things to love about this month.  Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and we are one month away from spring!  With so many things to look forward to in February, here’s what’s on our jewelry style radar this month…

Amethyst is the Birthstone for February

If you were born in this month Amethyst is your birthstone.  The ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone had many powers, including protection against intoxication.  The word Amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos”  meaning sober.  In ancient Greece, it was common practice to serve wine from Amethyst goblets with the belief this would prevent overindulgence.  Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, occurring naturally as crystals within rocks.  A gift of Amethyst is symbolic of protection and the power to overcome difficulty.  It is said to  strengthen the bond of love in a relationship and is an ideal anniversary gift.  This Amethyst ring by John Hardy is a knock-out!

JH Amethyst ring | Alson Jewelers

Year Of The Snake

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is The Year of the Snake.  The Chinese New Year begins on February 10th and will usher in a year of prosperity and peace.  We love this snake look in rose gold by Roberto Coin.

Roberto snake rose gold | Alson Jewelers

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day on February 14th. There is no better way to shower your valentine with love than these pave diamond and ruby hearts by Bez Ambar.

Bez Hearts | Alson Jewelers

President’s Day

School is out on February 18th in recognition of  Presidents Washington and Lincoln as well as to celebrate all U.S. presidents past and present.  Enjoy the day off and wear your red, white and blue with these great looks by David Yurman.


Spring Is Almost Here!

With spring a month away we are excited for all the new collections coming out for that season.  We are loving the new Stella Collection by Ippolita in sterling silver and diamonds paired with turquoise, clear quartz and mother of pearl.  We think it’s stunning!

Ippolita stella bangles | Alson Jewelers

The Oscars!

We love everything that glitters and sparkles and we can’t wait to see what the stars will be wearing on the red carpet.  The Oscars is the night when the stars go all out.  Our “Oscar Predictions” this year are for diamond statement earrings and the diamond necklace to make a comeback.  Expect to see many necklaces like this one by Norman Silverman on the Oscar red carpet.

Norman Silverman necklace | Alson Jewelers

Which is your favorite look for February?

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