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As an accessory in men’s fashion, cufflinks have been around since the early 1600’s when men would make a primitive link to hold their shirt together.  Instead of using ribbon or lace, the men of this time period would fashion a link out of metal or wood.  Fast forward to the roaring 20’s when the “t-post” with a flip hinge was invented creating a high fashion look as well as functionality.  Through the 50’s and 60’s, cufflinks were the rage and became the go-to accessory for men.  As we entered the 70’s and a more casual look prevailed, cufflinks were much less popular.  After taking a few decades off from this look,  we’re starting to see a resurgence in this accessory as a fashion statement and way to express one’s personality.  From golf ball cufflinks to gemstones and everything in between, cufflinks have become a hot look in fashion right now.  Read on for some of our favorite looks.

John Hardy Classic Chain Square Cufflinks in Turquoise with Black Matrix 



Halcyon Days Saltire Rectangular Cufflinks in Brass with 18K Yellow Gold Plating and Enamel

JB Star Emerald and Diamond Ring |


Alson Signature Collection Hammered Round Cufflinks in Sterling Silver

Beautiful Engagement Rings |


John Hardy Classic Chain Square Cufflinks in Sterling Silver and Black Sapphires



Penny Preville Yellow Crystal and Lapis Doublet Cufflinks



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~Cuffllinks shown at top of page are by John Hardy. 

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