Engagement Ring Trends

Are you about to get engaged?  With all the options out there, choosing the right ring can be overwhelming.  Whether you favor a princess or round brilliant, we have some great options that you will be sure to love.  Read on to learn what is hot in engagement trends right now.


This setting has been popular for the last couple years.  This setting features a “halo” of diamonds surrounding the center stone.  The halo setting makes the center stone appear larger and is usually paired with a slender pave band.  This micro pave halo ring by Michael B is stunning.


Colored gemstone engagement rings have become more popular with brides in recent years.  Many brides are opting for their birthstone for their engagement rings.  We are seeing a lot more rings with sapphires, emeralds and rubies as the center stone.  Celebrities are also setting this trend with Jessica Simpson and Elizabeth Hurley both choosing ruby and sapphire rings respectively.  We love this sapphire and diamond engagement ring by JB Star.


The split shank mounting is a great way to showcase your center diamond.  This mounting draws your eye to the center stone in a dramatic fashion.  This ring by Bez Ambar is a showstopper!


The princess cut can be square or rectangular and is a favorite shape right now among brides.  This cut can have up to 58 facets giving the stone extreme brilliance and sparkle. This ring by Norman Silverman is spectacular!

Whether you choose a princess cut, split shank mounting or opt for a color gemstone as your center stone, make sure you choose a ring that fits your personality and lifestyle. Which trend is your favorite?  Share with us!

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