Diamonds – Which Diamond Shape Is Your Favorite?

You’ve probably been dreaming about your engagement since you were a little girl.  How the proposal would happen and what your ring would look like.  You probably have always liked a particular shape diamond as well.  If you are looking for a diamond for your engagement ring or you are thinking about getting a new diamond, this is the blog for you!  Since all diamond shapes are very different, each with its own unique characteristics, we thought it would be great to shine a spotlight on each shape.  Read on to learn more about your favorite shape diamond.


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The round brilliant cut is one of the most popular of the diamond shapes.  It is also the most brilliant of all the cuts with a total of 58 facets.  Round Brilliants make up a vast majority of diamonds found in engagement rings.  To maximize the brilliance of a traditional round diamond, select one in the two highest cut grades, excellent or very good, and choose excellent or very good polish and symmetry grades.


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The face-up shape of the princess cut is square or rectangular and the profile or side shape is that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.  This shape can vary greatly in how square or rectangular they are.  Its brilliance and unique cut make it a favorite for an engagement ring.


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The oval cut diamond has beautiful brilliance similar to a round diamond.  The modern oval cut is a fiery cut that reflects light brilliantly.  It’s a great choice for someone who loves the sparkle of a round brilliant, but desires a less common shape.


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This shape is cut with rectangular facets which create a unique optical appearance highlighting the clarity of the diamond.  The long lines of the emerald cut make it less fiery than a round brilliant, but it also tends to have broader, more dramatic flashes of light.


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The Asscher cut diamond was developed in 1902 by the Asscher brothers of Holland.  This is a stepped square-cut often called the “square emerald cut”.  This beautiful shape is nearly identical to the emerald cut except that it is square.


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The cushion cut is a square or rectangle cut with rounded corners and 58 brilliant-style facets that resemble a pillow shape.  The cushion cut was one of the most popular cuts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is making a comeback in popularity.


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Rectangular in nature, trimmed corners are the signature of this diamond.  This cut combines the elegance of the emerald shape with the brilliance of a round with its 62 facets.  The radiant can be rectangular or square and looks beautiful set with either baguette or round side diamonds.


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The pear shaped diamond is also called the “teardrop diamond” because of its shape.  The pear cut is a combination of the round-brilliant and marquise cut.  The pear is a fiery cut with lots of sparkle and flash.


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The standard marquise diamond contains 56 facets.  This cut is elongated with pointed ends.  It was inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and created for France’s Louis XIV, who wanted a diamond to match her smile.


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The heart shape diamond is considered to be the most romantic of all the diamond shapes.  It is the ultimate symbol of love and makes for a very special and unique engagement ring.  Heart shape diamonds contain approximately 59 facets, making it quite fiery with excellent sparkle.

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